An Invitation

It’s time for women to embrace what it means to be truly feminine. The Crucible Project for Women brings together likeminded women seeking to discover how God can breathe life into your strength, beauty, tenderness and passion. We invite you to connect with us through our small groups and weekend experiences.

Exploration Group

Life is busy, and at times overwhelming.  This group is open to any women wanting to engage their heart and soul, develop greater emotional awareness so they connect deeper and more honestly with themselves, others and God.

First Wednesday of every month (Feb-Dec), Rossmoyne.


You’ll look at what’s working in your life—and what’s not. 

  • You’ll discover why you freeze and hide, even at the cost of missed opportunities.
  • You’ll understand why you run and fight, even while pushing away the support you desperately need.
  • You’re invited to face the hard places you’ve been avoiding, so you can be free.

Weekend Retreats for Women

Initial – September 6 – 8th

Unshackled (Second level) – September 13 – 15th

Registrations will open soon.

Link below is for more information.  (You will be taken to our USA site:

Grow Group

After your weekend we offer a 15-week Grow Group program where you can continue your healing, growing and connecting in a safe and supportive space with women who have been where you are.

Journey Group

Women meet to help and support each other to continue the journey of self awareness.  Our focus is to delve deeper into our relationship with God and other people, and to embrace all that we are.

Third Wednesday of every month (Feb-Dec), Zoom online – will restart in 2024.


The journey continues…