What are you wanting for yourself as a man?

The Crucible Journey is designed to challenge you to take a hard look at what is working in your life and what is NOT working in your life.  Take a journey that will give you purpose and improve your relationships, starting with yourself.  Learn how to be the husband, father, brother, son, mate that you want to be.

Are you ready to take that journey?

The Crucible Initiation Retreat is an intense experience that will challenge you emotionally, spiritually and physically. Person by person, this work is changing hearts, marriages, families, relationships, churches, careers and lives.  If you want this, you will find the courage in yourself to start this journey of radical honesty and self reflection.


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Men's Retreats

Initial - November, 2024 (Info coming soon)


Second Level retreat - August, 2024

Have you attended an Initial retreat and are ready for a new challenge?  We invite you to safely face the shadow parts of yourself that sabotage your leadership, whether it be at home, work or in your community.  Connect with other men who may walk a similar path to you.

Men's Groups

Connect with other men as they share their life experiences, join a community of safety, openness and trust, get tools and healing to live with purpose, passion and power, and have the opportunity to practise being the man you were made to be.